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Would you like to expand on your Self-Care practice with a simple and nourishing modality?

Do you desire a deeper connection to your feminine self?

Would you like to activate your intuition?

Do you desire balance within your menstrual cycle?

Join Belle as we explore the art of Yoni Steaming and practices that can assist us

in restoring balance to our creative centre, our Womb.

What is Yoni Steaming?

Yoni Steaming is a beautifully nourishing act of Self-Care.

A Womxn, and oftentimes Men, sit or kneels over a warm pot of boiled

water, exposing their pelvic region to the steam as it rises.

Steaming can assist womxn who experience:

Hot flushes & night sweats

Long and short cycles

Missing periods


Clots & cramps

and so much more

Throughout the day we will experience

connection, ritual, education and steaming, looking further into:



  • Origin & History

  • Exploring the benefits and potential side effects - more positive than negative

  • Hard & Soft Contraindicators

  • Sauna set up, times and frequency


  • Cycle Tracking

  • Menstrual Awareness

  • Signs of a healthy cycle



  • Common Cycle Imbalances

  • Signs and causes of Imbalances within our Cycle

  • Remedies to restore balance



  • Practices for each phase of our cycle

  • Practical tips for busy Womxn

  • Preparing for Menstruation

  • Plant & Crystal allies


Delving into the intricacies of steaming and Yoni connection, each Womxn will receive:

A copy of The Art & Ritual of Steaming (valued at $25)

A Personalised Steam Therapy Plan and Crystal Infused Herbal Steam Blend (valued at $60)

One Steam Session & Sound Bath Healing

We will gather on Sunday the 15th August from 10am - 5pm at Soul Barn in

Clunes, 30 minutes from Ballarat & Daylesford. 

Workshop size is limited to 10 Womxn. Bookings essential.

Yoni Steaming is for ALL Womxn, Maidens through to our Wise Crones, however this

workshop has been designed for Womxn 18 years and over.....if there is enough

interest a Maiden Steam Workshop is a possibility!

All steam thrones, herbal blends and refreshments are provided.

Bring your own lunch or explore the local cafes during our lunch break 

This is not a certification course, this is a workshop for you to gain a better understanding

of your body and how you can restore balance with in your menstrual cycle.

We respect and honour each Womxn's privacy, for your peace of mind

there will be no nudity throughout the Steam Session. 

There are several circumstances where Yoni Steaming is not recommended, in particular

if you are currently pregnant or bleeding. Should you be bleeding on the day of our 

gathering you are still absolutely welcome to attend however you will not be

able to steam. Any queries regarding your current

circumstances can be sent through to

More information on steaming can be found here

I am so looking forward to sitting in circle with you. 

Belle xo


I truly enjoyed The Yoni Temple Immersion. Belle is an amazing teacher and I learnt so much from her. The workshop covers all important aspects, such as Yoni Steaming technique, menstrual cycle & hygiene, sex, pleasure, toys and spirituality. It is a safe space, where you can connect and express your true-self supported by other sisters.


Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Workshops are currently on hold for the remainder of 2021. 

Should you wish to attend a Yoni Temple Immersion Workshop in the

future please express your interest via the link below. 

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