Truth. Exploration. Connection.

I have observed the needs in my community for many years. Listening to the Womxn.

Listening to the Men. The Children. Seeing the gaps within our everyday awareness, especially

surrounding Sexual & Reproductive Health.

These Workshops have been brewing and

swirling for some time, and I am so proud to be able to offer them.

To be able to provide

a space for exploration. 

A space for sharing & vulnerability.

And most importantly a space to connect to self, to each

other, to the seasons and to the cycles. 

Returning to our True Authentic Selves. 

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Y O N I   Y A R N S

A Monthly Womxn's Circle

A monthly gathering to explore all things taboo in a safe and nurturing space. 

Spaces are limited, booking is essential

M A I D E N  T O  M E N A R C H E

A workshop for Mothers and their Daughters as they approach Menarche

Demystifying the menstrual cycle and learning through information sharing and experiential processes. An introduction to the feminine cycles and rites of passage.

Spaces are limited.

Mother and Daughters
Image by Ava Sol


Accessing our Ancient Feminine Wisdom

Join me for a four week journey as we explore the Art of Yoni Steaming. 

Over the 4 weeks we will cover connection, ritual, the art of steaming, menstrual care & imbalances,

cycle tracking and so much more.

Steam Saunas and Herbs are provided. 

Spaces are limited.

C Y C L I C A L  S E L F - C A R E

Guiding you to create your own sustainable Self-Care practice honouring your own needs and desires

Exploring the ways in which we, as Womxn, can support ourselves throughout our menstrual cycle to maintain harmony and balance throughout each and every month.

Young Woman Lying in Bed Wearing Lingeri

A N A T O M Y  O F  P L E A S U R E
A  W O M X N ' S  O N L Y  W O R K S H O P

The Sex Education that you wished you received as a teen. 

An open conversation on sexuality, sensuality, intimacy and pleasure. Removing shame and taboo, and in return empowering Womxn with knowledge and truth.

A  F A T H E R ' S  J O U R N E Y
M A I D E N  T O  M E N A R C H E

A workshop for Fathers of Daughters approaching Menarche

Sharing the wisdom of the feminine cycles, demystifying menstruation and the rites of passage. A practical workshop into understanding the changes and how we can support, not only our daughters but also the Womxn in our lives.

Feet in Water

All Workshops are currently on hold for the remainder of the 2021 year.

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