Yoni Massage is an ancient practice for Womxn to truly drop into their feminine

seat of power, clear trauma and connect with her body.

What is a Yoni?

The Yoni is the female genitalia.

This is made up of the outer and inner labia, the glans clitoris, perineum, the vagina, and the womb.

During our session we will cover this in more detail.

What is a Yoni Massage?

A Yoni Massage is an external and internal massage. Focusing on finding

areas of pain, pleasure, pressure and numbness.

It is important that we know our own bodies, how it feels, what it looks like and how we can tend to it.

Sadly these are the things that Sex Education at school failed to teach us. 

Yoni Massage is a beautiful gift to self to connect, re-connect, heal and surrender. 

During the session we may also cover topics such as Cycle Tracking, Yoni Eggs & Wands,

Ceremony & Ritual, Yoni Steaming and Period Care. 


W H A T  T O  E X P E C T  D U R I N G   A  S E S S I O N :

  • Grounding & Connection and Intention Setting

  • Information on the anatomy of the Yoni and Pelvic Bowl

  • Boundary Setting & Consent

  • Full body relaxation massage including the breasts 

  • External Yoni Massage followed by an internal Yoni Massage

  • Time alone to integrate and just be

  • Closing of the session with space to share

  • A follow up email within a week of our session to offer any further assistance or guidance


B E N E F I T S  O F  A  Y O N I  M A S S A G E :

  • Create a greater connection to your Yoni

  • Ease muscle tension creating the possibility for more pleasure and to ease pelvic tension creating the possibility for a healthier menstruation cycle and hormonal balance

  • Feel what it is like to be honoured without a need to give anything in return. This is truly beautiful and can pave the way for the same to occur with future experiences with your lovers

  • Reconnect to the feminine aspect of the self

  • Help with pain/disconnect during love making

  • Re-sensitize numbness during love-making

  • Help with clitoral orgasm addiction

  • Take steps towards healing past traumas such as abortion, miscarriage, rape, birth, caesarean, abuse, insecurities 

  • Hands on guidance of this part of your body

  • Experience the honouring of the Yoni where there is no goal, nothing to do, nowhere to be, but in the present moment, to understand how a Womxn should be touched in a non-threatening and extremely safe and held environment

  • To totally receive and for once not have to give anything back in return

As mentioned there is no goal. This session is not to orgasm but to heal past traumas by massaging muscles that are never massaged and reconnect you with your Yoni.

Yoni Massage sessions are designed as a one off session, however returning when you feel the call is so very welcome.


I ' M  R E A D Y  W H A T ' S  N E X T ?

I want to start by taking a moment to acknowledge this step

because I know it can be a difficult decision to make!

Currently I am opening sessions up for Wednesdays and alternate

weekends. Should you require an alternative day or time

please contact me via email and we can discuss. 




The session was beautiful, supportive, honouring, safe, and educational. My only fault, if I *had* to have one, would be that I thought that sessions would be more frequent than once a year; that our journey together was more than a couple of hours but that's because I found it so fascinating and juicy!

M.T. - Ballarat

S T I L L  H A V E  A  F E W  Q U E S T I O N S ?

I invite you to schedule a discovery call below. This is an opportunity
for you toask any questions that may be coming up for you.