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I am a great lover of books, piles and shelves can be found throughout my home. 

I am often asked for recommendations on particular topics and wanted to share a selection with you.

With each book listed below I have linked to the authors website, where I can, rather than the Booktopia

or Amazon sales page, this gives you more of an understanding of their work and any other offerings

that they may have available. 


Becoming a Woman is a book written by Jane
Hardwicke Collings for girls and their parents
who are looking for some easy-to-understand
information about the menstrual cycle.


These children’s books have been created to help

our children and tween girls become educated on their

bodies, their boundaries, their sexuality and their blood.

They are an offshoot of a series of adventure books

written about a girl called Susmita who travelled the

world. Susmita as a child wears gender neutral clothes and

has dark brown skin and red hair so as to not exclude any

one culture in particular. 


Tackling current debates and tensions, which can divide

communities and even cost lives, we'll look to the past and

the future to ask how might we approach gender differently,

in more socially constructive, caring ways.

We'll look at how gender has been 'done' differently - from patriarchal societies to trans communities - and how it

has been viewed differently - from biological arguments

for sex difference to cultural arguments about received gender norms. We'll dive into complex and shifting ideas about

masculinity and femininity, look at non-binary, trans and fluid

genders, and examine the intersection of experiences of

gender with people's race, sexuality, class, disability and more.


With compassion, humour, erudition and a touch of the erotic,

Meg-John Barker and Jules Scheele shine a light through the darkness and unmask the monsters in this illustrated guide.

From sexual identities to having sex, to desire, consent and relationships, we'll explore the invention of sex as we know

it and imagine sex as it could be. Along the way, we'll move

past thinking of sex as meaning just one thing, defined by the genders of those doing it, instead making space for lots of

different types of attraction, desire, relationship and act.


The purpose of this book is to guide you in deepening and expanding your orgasmic experience, first by yourself and
then later sharing that with your lover. The practices are
designed to help you become more expressive, empowered
and better connected to your femininity. Whatever stage of this
journey you are at – whether you are already multi-orgasmic or have never had an orgasm – your experience of sexuality will transform.


Inspiring, vivacious and completely honest, Bridget's book

is for everyone on the endo spectrum: the battle-hardened

warriors, the newly diagnosed and those still searching

for answers.

Two excision surgeries and one thriving endo Instagram

community later, Bridget knows firsthand how much personal research and self-advocating endo sufferers have to do

just to have their pain acknowledged. With her trademark enthusiasm, Bridget has blended her own experience with

a raft of tips and strategies from health experts and endo

warriors to help you thrive whenever you can, and survive

on days when you just can't. Covering everything from diet

to acupuncture, fertility to mental health, and surgery to sex,

How to Endo is the essential guide to navigating this sucker

punch of a chronic illness.


A beautiful, sensitive and nurturing celebration of a girl’s transformation to womanhood, following in the footsteps

of her bestselling book for women, Moon Time: harness

the ever-changing energy of your menstrual cycle.

Beginning with an imaginary journey into the red tent, a

traditional place of women’s wisdom, some of the gifts and

secrets of womanhood are imparted in a gentle lyrical

way, including:

  • The secrets of the moon

  • The secrets of our cycles

  • The gift of self-care

Along with practical advice on:

  • Preparing for her first period

  • Choosing menstrual products

  • Herbal healing

  • Celebrating menarche


Consent is more than just a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. It’s about freedom, choices, and agreement in our everyday lives (it’s not just

about sex). It’s about self-consent, how you can work out what

you want for yourself (via choosing a pizza) and why that is tricky, even when it’s just you. 

There’s a lot of practical advice on how to do things more consensually with other people, like what TV show you want

to watch together. There’s lots about on-going communication

and how to make sure that you are happy with your choices and having a nice time. You will learn how to give the best (consensual) greetings – no more awkward hugs or missed high fives. There is a bit about sex but it’s not a sex book and there’s a lot of warning before you get to the sex bits: hashtag consent.


In her New York Times bestseller Pussy: A Reclamation, Regena reveals what no one taught you about the source
of your feminine power and how to use it. This power is the
part of a woman that she has been taught to ignore, push
down, and despise. Indeed, the word that most viscerally sums
it up is "arguably the most powerful pejorative word in the English language." Like any expletive used effectively, the title of this
book is meant to be a wake-up call. It is a reclamation, in a world
that desperately requires the feminine. Readers learn the secret ingredient every woman is missing; how to crack the confidence code; why sex appeal is an inside job; what’s ahead on the next frontier of feminism—and how they can help make it happen; and much more. By turns earthy and erudite, passionately argued and laugh-out-loud funny, Pussy delivers the tools and practices a
woman requires to do and be whatever she wants in this life. It’s a
call for her to tune in, turn on, and not drop out—but live more
richly, fully, and lusciously than she ever thought she could.


So what is the Pill, how does it work and what does it do to your body? If not the Pill, then how else can you control your fertility in casual or long-term relationships? Are hormonal implants and injections any better? If you're about to come off the Pill, what are the best ways to reclaim your health and wellbeing? And what can you look forward to when your body returns to its natural rhythm?

Accessible, informed, inspired, The Pill. Are you sure it's

for you? provides you with a wealth of case studies and

information that will help you make the choice you want

for your body.