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Therapeutic Yoni Massage Session

There are many reasons that Womxn seek the services of a Therapeutic Yoni Massage Therapist.

If something feels off with our neck, our back, our limbs we will generally seek out services to assist in returning it to a healthy, aligned state where we have ease of movement and little to no discomfort.

Yet when it comes to our Yoni, where do we go and what do we do? In most cases nothing. We, as Womxn, learn to deal with it as “normal” too embarrassed to seek support and or unsure of where to turn to as we may feel violated, unheard, and unsafe from past experiences.

But did you know that a Therapeutic Yoni Massage Session can assist in restoring your Yoni back to its healthy, natural state? Did you know that these sessions are completely are primarily led by you?

A Therapeutic Yoni Massage Session is a way for Womxn to:

· Drop into their bodies

· Connect to their Yoni, their Womb, their seat of creativity & power

· Heal their yoni after childbirth, sexual abuse and surgery

· Ease numbness and tension during sexual activity

· Experience hands on guidance of their anatomy

· To receive with no expectation to give in return

· And so much more

The Session begins long before we get to the massage table. It begins when your curiosity is sparked. It begins when you begin to google the benefits. The hows and the whys. When you start to consider the financial exchange and wonder if you are worth the cost.

The Session begins when you talk to your partner or closest friends about the possibility of you having a session, what you have read and how you feel.

The Session begins with a questionnaire to learn about your past, and an email to acknowledge your feelings and put your mind at ease. Your appointment confirmation and location will be provided.

The Session begins when you wake up with butterflies, wondering if you should have booked in for a wax (FYI…not necessary) or shaved your legs (again not necessary).

The Session begins when you walk through the door of my little studio space, welcomed with open arms, I’m a hugger – full bodied mama bear hugger.

This is an opportunity to feel into my energy, do you feel comfortable in my presence? Do you feel comfortable in the space? Do you feel the nervousness easing?

This if your opportunity to continue or not. There is no pressure for you to do anything you do not wish to do. This is YOUR session. And from that moment that you reached out for a Therapeutic Yoni Massage was the moment that YOU took control. I am here to guide you and to support you. Not to run the whole session.

At this stage of the session, you know a little about me and I know a little about you, we can begin to explore your curiosities, any limits, boundaries and concerns. And I will do what I can to ease them by explaining the process.

To talk about what may have come up for you. To be heard. To be seen. To be acknowledged.

You will be given the opportunity to stop at any stage you need, to stop for pee breaks, to stop for drink breaks, to stop to breathe.

A relaxing and nourishing body massage covers acupressure points, lymphatic drainage, breast & womb massage. For your own warmth and privacy, you will not be required to lay on the table completely naked, this may be an intimate massage however your privacy is still respected at all times.

You are given the opportunity to really deeply listen to your body, to connect, to feel, to listen to your body as we step into the Yoni Massage component. If this is new to you I am here as hour guide and we will work through this together.

The external Yoni Massage component allows you to get out of your head, if you haven’t already, and really feel into your body. I see that once the external component has begun, Womxn have fully surrendered to the process.

The internal Yoni Massage component is essentially a massage to release any tight or numb areas. As we begin to massage we look for sensations, and yes it is completely normal to feel pleasure during this process. This gives you an opportunity honour your pleasure. To know which areas you experience this and to be able to share that information with partner/s.

An internal Yoni Massage allows you to feel without expectation. To feel. To receive.

As we come to the end of the internal Yoni Massage we will explore your Cervix and pleasure zones. These are spaces that you may not have sensation or feeling, OR you may have a lot of feeling and sensation.

During this latter part of the Massage I will be wearing gloves, for health and safety purposes. This is standard practice. Should you haver allergies to vinyl/ latex and any other forms of plastics please let your therapist know.

I will check in to see if there is anything else you would like to revisit prior to closing the session, you will then have time and space alone to integrate the session, dress and return for a delicious tea and grounding treat.

This gives us an opportunity to talk about what may have come up for you during your session, and any resources that I think may be useful on the next step of your journey.

I will send a follow up email after your session to check in with you and to offer support should you need any.

A Therapeutic Yoni Massage Session is grounding, transformational, empowering and connecting. It assists in bringing pleasure back into your life and in releasing trauma and pain that you may have previously experienced.

Should you wish to book in for a session or a discovery call to find out if this is right for you please check out the link here.

Wishing you ease and grace on your journey to pleasure and connection.

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