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Maiden to Menarche

I can’t remember when I reached Menarche. I can’t remember how old I was. Who I was with. Where I was.

I don’t recall how I shared this news with my mum or my younger sister.

I don’t recall sharing it with my girlfriends.

I do, however, remember the book I received, a book I still have in my bookshelf. One book.

I do remember hiding the fact that I was bleeding. Living in fear of anyone finding out.

I do remember times when I turned down a sleepover because I was bleeding.

Talking with other Womxn about Menstruation, was not something I felt comfortable about for many, many years. And only in the past several years talking about it to men has become more comfortable.

It wasn't until I discovered the work of Jane Hardwicke Collings and began attending workshops as part of the School of Shamanic Womancraft that I really felt the need to reconnect to that time in my life. To journey back to meet my younger self. And to re-write my story of Menstruation and Reclaiming Menarche.

It was uncomfortable. And it was sad. Not remembering. When the women around me shared the stories of connecting with their Mothers, Aunts and Grandmothers. When they talked about sharing with their peers, their sisters. I felt such a gap with in my transformation, and transition, from Maiden to Menarche. An incredibly important Rite of Passage I had missed out on.

Each time I journeyed back to that time in my life a new piece of the puzzle revealed itself. I found the time line. I found the friends that surrounded me. I found the sleepovers that I had missed. Yet I still couldn't put a time and place on it.

At this point in my life I had become comfortable with talking about all things Womxnhood with whoever would listen. I connected with my close friend from that time in my life to see if they could recall, had we discussed it. I connected with my Mum and Sister to see if they recalled the time. Still no luck.

And now I accept what is. For me I can not recall that time in my life.

There was no trauma. There was no pain. There was no heartbreak or loss. There was nothing that overshadowed this time to take away from the moment.

And now?

Now I share my work, this work, with Womxn. Maidens. Mothers. Magas. Crones.

I share my story to encourage

Womxn to revisit this time in their own lives. To encourage them to heal the stories of shame and disconnect.

I found myself so disconnected for so many years. I hid my blood. Shamed. I disconnected from my feminine. From my creativity. My intuition. I was ruled by a system that did not support me. My voice was silenced because I was not aware of it's existence.

I was ruled by the masculine because I did not know how to let the feminine in.

I was ruled by the media because I did not know how to let the feminine in.

I was ruled by shame and fear because I knew no difference.

And now I do.

It is my deepest desire to guide Womxn to their true essence. To guide Womxn to become their authentic selves. To guide Womxn back to centre.

Maiden to Menarche is a work shop for Mothers and their daughters to connect and rediscover the magic of this time in our lives. To learn new ways of being with the cycles. Of flowing instead of resisting. Of honouring instead of hiding.

Maiden to Menarche is an opportunity for Mothers to gain the confidence to guide their daughters through this time. An opportunity to connect. An opportunity to return to time that has been long forgotten. To re-write their story. To reclaim their Menarche.

Maiden to Menarche is an opportunity for our daughters to listen to the stories of their elders. To listen to the stories of their peers. It is an opportunity for our daughters to experience the magic that is with in us. And how they can honour this, celebrate this, love this.

Maiden to Menarche workshops are held on the second weekend of each school term here in Victoria. You can find more information here, and should you wish to express interest in an upcoming workshop please reach out to me via email hello@theyonitemple.com.au

As a way of celebrating the transition into Menarche I have also created Maiden MoonTime Baskets. These baskets contain all the items to support and nourish our Maidens as they prepare for and experience their first bleed.

The MoonTime Baskets have taken time for me to put together, wanting just the right items, items that my Maiden self would have been so excited to have received. To have been seen and honoured. What a gift that is to a 12 year old.

Maiden MoonTime Baskets can be found here or alternatively you may like to put together your own with your daughter.

Reclaiming Menarche a workshop for Womxn of all ages wanting to heal their story, and celebrate their Rite of Passage will be launched later in July 2021. If this resonates with you and you wish be notified of the release please reach out via email or subscribe to my newsletter.

{This is where it all began}

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