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At Home Steam Therapy Session

{Otherwise known as Yoni Steaming, Vaginal Steaming or V Steam. For the purposes of my work I have chosen to use the term Steam Therapy}

During the first lock down of 2020 I was fortunate enough to be able to complete my Vaginal Steaming Certification with the Steamy Chick herself Keli Graza.

It was the most comprehensive training I have completed, and the knowledge Keli shares is absolutely incredible. And now I am fortunate enough to be able to share that with my community, in person and online, through The Yoni Temple.

I am currently offering 4 customised herbal blends for purchase through the shop.

One-on-one sessions will be available as soon as restrictions have lifted here in Victoria.

These sessions have been created for Womxn who:

- wish to try Steam Therapy for the first time but have been apprehensive and uncertain of the process

- do not want to purchase/ can not source the equipment for steaming.

- desire a sacred space away from the distractions of home

- have complex issues and do not wish to try Steam Therapy at home alone

At the Yoni Temple we currently use a handmade steam box from the beauties at Wild Hearts, a true labour of love.

All our herbs for our blends have been sourced locally and organically where possible, and in some cases from my own back yard!

Each session will run for approximately 30 to 60 minutes depending on your personal requirements.

A shorter session is required for the following issues:

- Burning Itch

- Tubal Litigation*

- Uterine Ablation*

- Hot Flashes

- Infections

- IUD*

- 26 Day Cycles

- First time users

- Maidens under 13 years

*steaming can potentially reverse, dislodge or negate these contraceptive methods, this will be discussed during our initial consultation.

What is Steam Therapy?

It is the process of receiving herbal steam predominantly via the vagina to restore balance to our cycles and harmony to our Yoni.

The steam and chosen herbal blends, can assist in many common ailments.

Here at The Yoni Temple we use 4 blends, they are Calming, Purifying, Soothing and Restoring.

Collectively these blends address the following issues:

- Short Cycles – less than 26 days

- Long Cycles – more than 30 days

- Infections

- Signs of Uterine Fatigue

- Missed Periods

- Clots and old residue

- Hot Flushes

- Dryness

- Excess Heat

- Irregular Discharge

- Vaginal Dampness

Steaming can also be used during and after labour, this is a post for another day.

Who can Steam?

Anyone can utilise the benefits of Steam Therapy. Even men.

At The Yoni Temple we address the needs of Womxn and Maidens, Keli has had her 2 gorgeous girls aged 3 & 5 steaming, however they only sit on the Steam Sauna for a minute or two once the steam has cooled considerably.

The are several reasons where steaming is not recommended, they are:

- when there is fresh or spontaneous bleeding

- after sex when trying to conceive

- during pregnancy

Should you have any queries regarding your symptoms a consultation is recommended. Bookings will be opened later in 2020.

Why do I need to Steam?

Steam Therapy assists in restoring the balance to our monthly cycles. Returning our cycles to a healthy 28-29 days. Clearing up old and stagnant blood, returning it to a rich vibrant red. Increasing or decreasing our menstruation to 4 day, the average time in which we need to bleed.

Anything outside these times may be “normal” to you, however they many not necessarily be healthy.

Our aim is to restore health and balance to your cycle.

When do I Steam?

We recommend following one of two steaming regimes.

The first is for the first three days after you have completely finished bleeding and three days prior to the start of your bleed. This can be a little tricky if you do not track your cycle, I recommend the Flo App, or stay turned for a paper tracker for those that like to see the whole picture at once. This can help to eliminate any stagnation that can occur.

The second way is once a week. Perhaps you could coincide this with a facial and hair treatment each Sunday evening in preparation for the beginning of the work week. It is recommended to track your cycle, as above, and note your steam sessions in your diary.

Where should I Steam?

I suggest that you find a space in your home that will allow privacy for a minimum of 30 minutes. This may be a bathroom or your bedroom, I am fortunate enough that I put boundaries in place when my boys were young to not enter that bathroom or bedroom whenever they please.

What equipment do I use to Steam?

This is entirely a personal preference. And using what resources we have available to us. There is no wrong way to steam, as long as you are following the time protocols and using steam blends that are suited to your needs.

For a basic 10-minute session you will need:

- 2-litre stainless steel or earthenware pot with a lid is essential.

- Your chosen yoni steam blend

- A stove top to heat your water

- A steam stool/box (the one I personally use this one from La Loba Herbalism)

Additionally, you can also use:

- An electric burner

- A cloak/blanket/beach towel

How do I Steam?

{These instructions are based on using the steam stool, see below, for a 10-minute session}

1. Boil 6 cups/1.5 litres of water in a small pot.

2. Turn of the heat, leaving the pot on the burner.

3. Add the recommended quantity of herbs to the enclosed muslin bag and submerge in pot. Replace the lid.

4. Leave herbs to infuse in pot for 10 minutes.

5. Set up your steaming space.

6. Remove herb bag and place in a glass jar in the fridge, this can be used a second and third time.

7. Place your pot under your stool.

8. Testing the steam with your hand to ensure you won’t burn your Yoni. It should never be too hot or cause you discomfort. If it does, stop immediately.

9. Removing your clothing from your lower half, sit on your stool for a maximum of 10 minutes. You may like to wrap your lower half with a towel to keep the steam from escaping.

10. Once complete return the water to your garden. Wipe down your stool and allow to completely dry out before packing away.

If at any time you have any questions about steaming or require clarification on the above, please reach out via email hello@theyonitemple.com.au, I would much prefer you to address any concerns than not begin steaming at all.

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