T H I R D  T E R M  E V E N T S

As a Mama I am aware of how important it is to schedule family time. Creating a schedule term by term
assists in creating space for balance. You will find that there are no workshops scheduled during school
holidays, and Workshops are spaced out should you wish to attend several a term.


Sunday 25th July
10am - 4 pm
Soul Barn, Clunes

A wonderful Mother* & Daughter workshop for Maidens approaching Menarche where we explore the cycles and seasons of Womxnhood. An opportunity to connect, to created and to move through the season Womxnhood with ease and grace. 

*open to Aunts/Grandmother/Female Guardians not just for biological Mothers. 


Sunday 15th August
10am  - 5pm
Soul Barn, Clunes

A full day workshop for Womxn exploring the art of Yoni steaming, Womb wisdom, female anatomy, cyclical self-care, ritual and so much more.

This workshop is beneficial for all menstruating Womxn, whilst Yoni Steaming is a large component of the day there will be alot of information and ah-ha moments for all throughout the day.